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Since the early 1990’s Tim Brennan’s has pioneered discursive performance through what he terms the manoeuvre. Many of these works have adopted the guided-walk as a device through which to uncover what constitutes ‘place’ and ‘displacement’.


Most of these walkworks involve the collision of quotations with stopping points (stations) along a predesigned route. The use of diverse and often conflicting quotations/locations differs from the conventional guided tour in which a harmonised narrative is aimed for.


In the manoeuvre, the participant/’percipient’ (Myers) is wrenched into new imaginative and socially charged perspectives of place and is often compelled to consider how we 'do' history. 

The sociality of ‘space’ that makes it a ‘place’ is just the ‘trace’ of human intentionality. Brennan, 2001

Tim Brennan 'The Selling of Fake Seditionaries', London, 2009.


Tim Brennan 'Reading Capital', Manchester, 2000.

Photo: Gary Kirkham

Tim Brennan 'Insiders', London 1994.

Tim Brennan 'Relocations', Hull, 1995.

Photo: Ross Williams

Tim Brennan 'A Cut', London, 1997

Tim Brennan 'Museum of Angels',

British Museum, London, 2003.

Tim Brennan 'Taking Coals to Sunderland',


Tim Brennan 'Vedute Manoeuvre',

London, 2017

Tim Brennan 'Crusade', Jarrow/London, 1996. AV Festival, 2016. Photo: Colin Davidson

Tim Brennan 'Wroughtings', London, 2017

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