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The sociality of ‘space’ that makes it a ‘place’ is just the ‘trace’ of human intentionality. Brennan, 2001

Brennan has a range of monographic titles that relate to his practice and which include the groundbreaking guidebooks related to manoeuvre - a term he invented to describe  his explorations of 'place' and 'displacement'

Since the early 1990’s Tim Brennan’s practice and research into the politics of place has surfaced as sculpture, photographs, painting, performance and writing. He has developed a methodology for the guided walk as a discursive performance that he has termed the manoeuvre that involves the collision of quotations with stopping points (stations) along a predesigned route. This approach differs from the conventional guided tour, wrenching the participant/’percipient’ (Myers)  into new imaginative and socially charged perspectives of place. 

Over 40 of these walks have been produced internationally with 10 publications including: Museum of Angels (The British Museum, 2003) and Vedute Manoeuvre (Venice Biennale, 2011). 

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'Tim Brennan: English Anxieties explores the archive of Mass Observation (MO):

Vedute Manoeuvre

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