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2022 saw three collaborations between Tim Brennan Dean Brannagan, poet and maker Heather H. Yeung and artist Ilektra Maipa.

Tim Brennan & Heather H. Yeung



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Tim Brennan has been engaged in art writing since 1986. Here you will find information and links to 'Curationism' and its manifesto along with other essays, treatises and articles.

The Curationist Manifesto 2017 edition

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Her Behind Him


Behind him. Unbeknown. Staring endless. As if endlessly. As if it could happen. This way. Anyway. Limewash. Flaking. Turgid. Smell of. Smell of moss. Fungus. Underfoot. Known. He was. Standing. Peering at the floor. Water. Puddled. floor bound. As if held. Tested. Water in streaks. Bleeding onto. And over the floor. And under. From above. Retina fixed upon and through. Until. As if endlessly. Flaking off in white patches. Of fungus. Small dimensions and one dot doesn’t. From above. mapped out. Up ended. And under. Eyes focused through water-bled puddles. Up. On. The floor is not expansive. More walls than floor. And dry ceiling. High. As if sky bound. Upward. Distant. Eyes as if. Endless from on high. Behind. Up above. Cornered. Cornered convex retinas. Bi-focaled. Unbeknown. Endless gaze. Of unknown proportions. Watered pupils. Reflected. Up over and into and through down into unspecified area of water bled from walls. Breeding.-~Down. Up from under flaking lime washed. Fragments fall slowly. Through. As if pushed out from. Leaf like. Unbeknown. Seen only static. And he her also. Also not moving. She sees. Gazing as if. If not. Entirely endlessly. From behind. There is distance. As before. As. As always. Between them. Not empirical. Unmeasured. If known. This way. Anyway. His eyes. Hidden. But seen. As he is seen through. Transparent of sorts. Back of retinas caught in her gaze. Once only as if endless. It happens. Underfoot. Above. Expansive walls. Bleeding streaked. Only once. All. Ways. Indefinite.


© Tim Brennan, February 1995/2016

VISHAIKU - a term Brennan coined to describe his particular collision of haiku and visual material.

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Tim Brennan Poetry

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Tim Brennan & dean Brannagan (also working as Gruppen)

Tim Brennan & Ilektra Maipa

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